The bike I’m riding today

I get really excited when I get to try out a new bicycle. The new bike I’m riding at the moment is a Dutch Gazelle Paris and I love it. I love the classic style and paint work, it feels kind of romantic. I love the feeling of riding into town on a fine day with the breeze in my hair and the sun on my skin.

Made in the Netherlands, Gazelle bicycles have been market leaders for over a century. They have earned a reputation for smart design and sturdy construction across the range of their bikes. The consistent quality of their bicycles earned Gazelle Royal endowment for a hundred years of quality workmanship. Today Gazelle export their bikes to a dozen countries including the UK, USA, Ireland, and Australia.

My Gazelle Paris C7
My Gazelle Paris C7

I’ve wanted to try out a Gazelle for some time now. I decided on the Paris C7 which is from their City bike range. The aluminium frame means it quite light which is great for me as I use an off the floor bike rack at home to store my bike when not in use. The light weight makes it easy for me to lift it on to the rack.

The position of the seat makes for a comfortable ride. It’s been really well designed for easy and relaxed riding. The handle bars are well positioned so you can sit upright to ride without the urge to lean forward. It’s quite a relaxed posture to ride in. It has hydraulic rim brakes and integrated lights.

Personally I prefer enclosed chains. I think they look nicer and your chain is so much more protected. As I mostly ride in the township I am quite satisfied with only 7 gears. That’s all I need for the type of riding I do. The gears are operated by a Shimano Nexus gear hub which allows smooth and easy gear changes.

Enclosed Chain
Enclosed Chain

One of the other great benefits of purchasing a Dutch Gazelle is that they back up their product with a good warranty. Provided you look after your bike and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines they provide a 2 year warranty on components and a 5 year warranty on the frame and paintwork.

I’ve been riding it for a few weeks now and so far it has been amazing. I haven’t had any issues with it. I also love the integrated cables as everything is neatly tucked away and safe from damage. The rear guard protects my clothes from getting caught in the wheel mechanism which is great is I want to wear a dress.

There’s a rear carrier which comes as standard. The convenience of being able to carry my books on the rear carrier is just one more thing I love. If you wanted to you could attach a child seat above the rear wheel for family outings.

Over all I just love this bike. I’ve wanted one for ages and I haven’t been disappointed since getting it.

My all time favorite bike

The Pederson is probably my favorite bicycle of all time! Designed by Mikael Pedersen the Danish inventor, they were manufactured in the UK in Dursley.

Pedersen Bike

The design was led by the idea of a hammock like seat that would provide suspension and protection from the rough roads of the 1890s. Much more comfortable, such a seat was also much lighter than the standard leather and spring seats of the day which meant the bike was also much lighter. And so they were much faster than other bicycles too and several speed records were set on Pederson bicycles!

The hammock saddle is suspended by adjustable wires from a parallelogram formed by two frame tubes and is able to swing from side to side. Apparently this design was inspired by the Whipple-Murphy bridge truss!

I’m not so bothered by all that. I just think the design is wicked!

Girl on Pedersen

Unfortunately the design was never very popular (what do people know eh?) and after falling prey to financial problems Pedersens own company stopped making them. However luckily the design was licensed to other manufacturers and there are in fact still companies producing then today.

If you fancy one, you can order an updated version called the Model-T (named after Henry Fords famous car) from the Copenhagen based manufacturer Jesper Sølling. These newer versions have a very upright seating position and are really comfortable.

They have internal Shimano Nexus 7 speed hubs with integrated roller brakes, Shimano V-brakes at the front, B&M Lumotec Plus lights, SKS fenders and Tubus Fly rear racks. Proper hi-tek!

In fact, I’ve heard that the Pedersen company is so confident that you’ll love their bicycles they’ll send one free of charge to your home for you to test drive for two weeks. If you don’t like it after that time you can send it back and only have to pay for the postage. How’s that for confidence in your product?

The only thing that’s putting me off taking one right now is the price. At upwards of 2000 Euros, they’re not for poor artists like me. But one day maybe.

Here’s a video of the Pederson in action…